COVID-19 Update

Safety protocols

We are delighted to be able to rehearse together in-person again.


To keep everyone as safe as possible, we have put in place a number of protocols. These protocols are intended to make our rehearsals as safe as possible for our members. They are based on the assumption that everyone will treat their fellow singers with courtesy and respect and with everyone’s best interests at heart.

Conditions for attending

  • There is an expectation that, except where medically exempt, every member will have received a double vaccination along with the booster injection should this become available.

  • A body temperature falling within the non-infectious range. Your temperature will be taken before you enter the school building.

Conditions for not attending

  • You have COVID symptoms.

  • You are in quarantine.

  • You are shielding a vulnerable person.

Click and trace

  • A register will be taken at the entrance to the building. Please make sure that your name has been ticked and that we have your correct contact details.

  • Members producing symptoms during or after rehearsal must immediately arrange for a Lateral Flow Test. If this is positive, please contact stating your voice part and the row on which you were seated, the row in front of the MD being row 1. You should undertake a PCR test to confirm the diagnosis and inform Meg of the outcome.

Mitigating viral transmission

  • Aerosol: All windows and doors will be left open throughout the rehearsal. Please dress accordingly.

  • Masks should be worn indoors when moving around and at any other time felt appropriate by the member.

  • Droplets: Sanitiser will be provided, though members are advised to bring their own. Wipes will be provided to clean chairs before and after rehearsal.

  • Person to person: 1 metre distancing should be maintained at ALL times. Seating will be aranged on a staggered grid system so that the person beside you is 1 metre distant and the person behind you 2 metres distant.

  • Refreshments will not be provided though you are, of course, welcome to bring your own.

  • To avoid congestion, loo breaks should be taken when required during rehearsal and not delayed until the break.

We continue to monitor the COVID situation closely. The protocols in place may change during the term. This page will be updated with the latest information when available.